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​​​​​​​With advancements in lens materials for glasses, as well as the assortment of designer and independent frames, you can improve your vision – and get the look you want – with quality eyeglasses. The specialized optometry team at Eye Associates of New York​​​​​​​ offers comprehensive eye exams to help improve your vision, as well as to prevent serious eye conditions. If you haven’t had an eye exam in a while, or if you know your prescription is outdated, schedule an evaluation at this Midtown East, New York City clinic. You can request an appointment online or call the office to schedule.

Glasses Q & A

How do I know if I need glasses?

Your vision changes throughout your life, so even if you’ve never worn glasses, chances are you could need them in the future. It might be time to have an eyeglass exam and have your vision checked if you experience:

  • Difficulty reading up close (farsightedness)

  • Poor distance vision (nearsightedness)

  • Frequent headaches

  • Blurred or double vision

  • Poor night vision

Depending on your vision and the symptoms you’re experiencing, you might only need reading glasses, or glasses to help you see distances while driving. If you have difficulty focusing on both near and far objects, you might benefit from bifocal or trifocal lenses. These lenses blend reading glasses and distance corrections all in one lens – trifocal lenses even correct intermediate distance vision issues.

In many cases, men and women prefer progressive lenses, which combine multifocal lenses and multiple lens powers. This way you can see at all distances, without having noticeable lines or sections in your glasses.

What happens during an eyeglasses exam?

Your comprehensive eyeglasses exam at Eye Associates of New York​​​​​​​ begins with an evaluation of your previous medical history and prior eyeglass prescription, if applicable. Most eye exams include:

  • Vision screening

  • Testing for visual acuity

  • Color blindness test

  • Eye function evaluation

  • Depth perception analysis

Depending on your eye health and family history, your dedicated optometrist could suggest further testing to evaluate your eye health. For instance, if you develop – or are at risk of developing – macular degeneration issues, you might need retinal photography. All testing is completed right in the office, so you can feel confident that your new glasses are going to be tailored to best suit your vision needs.

How long will my glasses prescription last?

Your glasses prescription is generally valid for one year, meaning you can get new glasses at any time throughout the year with that specific prescription. This doesn’t mean, though, that your glasses won’t work after the year is up.

Since Eye Associates of New York​​​​​​​ offer high-quality ZEISS lenses, as well as independent and designer frames — and even prescription sunglasses — you can expect your eyewear to last for an extended period of time. Some of the most popular eyeglasses lines available include:


  • MODO

  • Eco

  • Barton Perreira

  • ProDesign

  • Vernon Gantry

The team at Eye Associates of New York​​​​​​​ generally recommend that all adults have an eye exam annually. This way if you do need changes to your eyeglass prescription, they can update it — you might even be able to reuse your current quality frames. Or if your vision hasn’t changed at all, you might be able to continue wearing the glasses you have.

The team at Eye Associates of New York​​​​​​​ offers flexible scheduling if you need new glasses or even a repair to your existing set. Schedule your appointment online or over the phone.

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