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Eye Associates of New York

Optometrists located in Midtown East, New York, NY

Patients throughout East Manhattan can get innovative eye care at Eye Associates of New York. The team at this state-of-the-art practice offers cutting-edge vision care near Midtown East and the Upper East Side.

With a dedicated team of experienced and highly skilled optometrists, patients have access to many types of solutions for modern eye care and vision enhancements. By providing evidence-based comprehensive eye exams, patients can expect to receive the best possible options for their specific eye health and vision needs.

The team of leading optometrists at Eye Associates of New York want to ensure each patient maintains optimal eye health. They have more advanced diagnostic equipment than most other eye care practices, including advanced retinal photography, corneal topography, and optical coherence tomography (OCT). The team even has extensive training in fitting patients for specialty contact lenses, including contacts for astigmatism.

Patients can also get treatment for computer-related vision problems, including eye strain and chronic dry eye, at the clinic. For patients who want permanent vision improvement solutions, the team provides the most advanced LASIK procedures right in the office.

The optometrists at Eye Associates of New York understand that each patient’s time is valuable. They offer flexible scheduling for full-scope eye exams with advanced visual field testing, LASIK consultations, contact lens exams, and more. The team welcomes new and existing patients to the practice.

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