What is Neurolens®, and How Does it Work?

August 3, 2022

Most people spend hours staring at computer screens which has led to an increase in computer vision syndrome. If you suffer from constant headaches and eyestrain, it can affect your well-being and quality of life. When you experience these symptoms due to eye misalignment, you can get prescription lenses with a contoured prism. These lenses help realign the eyes and relieve nerve pressure.

Correcting Eye Misalignment


Eye misalignment can lead to tension, headaches, and eyestrain. Those who suffer from digital eyestrain can benefit from lenses that help minimize the strain. Specialized diagnostic equipment helps detect misalignment and determine the degree of the issue.

The equipment measures the gap between the ideal eye position and where the eye is. It helps determine how aligned or synchronized the eyes are and determines the contoured prism prescription.

Neurolens Prescription Lenses


Neurolens are prescription lenses designed with a contoured prism that helps realign the eyes at varying distances. This helps correct issues related to trigeminal nerve pressure.

The complex trigeminal nerve is responsible for head and neck sensations as there is a direct link between this nerve and the eyes. Eye misalignment can put pressure on the nerve, so many individuals report relieving symptoms after using Neurolens.

Benefits of Neurolens


People with eye misalignment and symptoms of digital eyestrain can benefit from Neurolens. The lenses help:

  • Minimize eyestrain and headaches

  • Reduce tension and neck and shoulder pain

  • Reduce eye irritation and dry eyes

  • Limit symptoms of digital eyestrain

  • Provide comfort for people who do not require refractive lenses

  • Treat chronic headaches related to detailed or close-up work

Candidates for Neurolens


Those who work long hours on a computer are often great candidates for Neurolens, and an eye exam helps to determine this. First, the optometrist will evaluate the severity and frequency of your symptoms. Then they will measure the degree or amount of misalignment using a special NMD test. The diagnostic test is quick and allows optometrists to create customized Neurolenses for each patient. The optometrist can determine if the lenses are the best solution for you.

Complications from Neurolens


There are no permanent complications from wearing Neurolens. Individuals hoping to find relief from eyestrain and other symptoms can benefit from the lenses without long-term side effects. However, there is an adjustment period, and one must wear the lenses daily to prevent symptoms. Adjusting to Neurolens may take some time and is a different process for all unique individuals.

For more on Neurolens, visit Eye Associates of New York at our office in New York, New York. Call (212) 650-4888 today to schedule an appointment.

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