Frequently Asked Questions About Neurolens Eye Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide

January 25, 2023

Below are some FAQs about Neurolens eye treatment and its use in the treatment of neurological conditions:

What is Neurolens Eye Treatment?


Neurolens is a contact lens used to treat specific neurological conditions affecting vision. It aims to improve visual function and reduce the effects of conditions such as lazy eye and misaligned eyes. A healthcare professional prescribes this treatment, custom-made for each patient based on their specific visual needs.

How Does it Work?


This treatment provides a customized visual experience for each eye. It does so by precisely manipulating the light that enters the eye with advanced technology. That helps improve visual function and alleviate the effects of certain neurological conditions. 

In the case of amblyopia, for example, the lens can provide different visual stimuli to each eye, stimulating the weaker eye and improving its function. It can help align the eyes and enhance visual acuity in the case of strabismus.

How is it Different From a Standard Contact Lens?


Neurolens is a contact lens specifically designed to treat neurological conditions affecting vision. It differs from traditional contact lenses in that, rather than simply correcting visual acuity, it uses advanced technology to manipulate the light entering the eye. That enables it to treat the underlying neurological causes of vision problems rather than just the symptoms.

Who Can Benefit From This Treatment?


This treatment may be suitable for people with neurological conditions that affect their vision. Examples of such conditions include amblyopia and strabismus. It may also help people with difficulty keeping their eyes aligned while reading and those with visual processing disorders. You may benefit from this treatment if you are yet to respond to other forms of treatment or have a condition that makes traditional treatment methods difficult.

How Long Does Treatment Typically Last?


Treatment duration may differ depending on the patient and their condition. In some cases, treatment may be ongoing; in others, the patient only wears the lenses for a limited time to achieve the desired results. 

Are There Side Effects?


Like any medical treatment, this one carries the risk of side effects. However, most patients experience minimal, if any, side effects, and the benefits frequently outweigh the risks. Common side effects include irritation or discomfort during the first few days of use. However, these usually go away after a few days. It is best to discuss any concerns with an eye doctor.

Is the Treatment Painful?


Wearing these lenses is generally not painful. You may experience mild discomfort or irritation during the first few days of wearing them, though this goes away after some days because the eyes will adjust to them. You should seek medical attention if you are experiencing persistent discomfort or irritation.

Is It Safe for Kids?


Children may wear this lens if an eye doctor determines it to be an appropriate treatment. That said, kids may be more sensitive to the effects of the lenses, so their eye doctor will closely monitor their progress. They may adjust the treatment plan as needed.

An eye care professional prescribes this treatment, custom-made for each patient based on their specific visual needs. It is generally effective and safe, but it is critical to follow the healthcare provider's recommendations and report any concerns or problems. 

For more on neurolens eye treatment, visit Eye Associates of New York at our New York, New York office. Call (212) 650-4888 to schedule an appointment today.

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