Learn About Dry Eye Treatment with MiBo and IPL

October 6, 2022

Dry eye is a condition that affects millions of people around the world. It is a common complaint that usually affects seniors but can affect people of all ages. It occurs when insufficient or poor-quality tears fail to lubricate the eyes properly. It may be due to blocked meibomian glands or other eye conditions. 

Patients experience uncomfortable symptoms, including irritated, red, itchy, and excessively dry eyes. Several treatments can help relieve dry eye, including MiBo and IPL.

Diagnosing Dry Eye Condition


Proper diagnosis of dry eye conditions helps in prescribing the best treatment. An eye exam is vital for finding the root cause of the condition. The diagnosis includes:

  • A comprehensive eye exam

  • Testing to measure tear volume

  • Testing to determine tear quality

  • A tear osmolarity test

  • Taking tear samples to determine markers

The doctor will recommend the best treatment if the diagnosis determines that the patient has dry eye. 

Choosing Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye treatment can help improve comfort. Different treatment options range from artificial tears or eye drops to eye inserts. Lifestyle changes can help relieve symptoms of dry eye. Eye doctors recommend treatment based on the cause of the condition. 

Regular OTC eye drops can be enough for people with mild dry eyes. The doctor may recommend other options when symptoms are more severe or frequent. Some treatments help manage the conditions causing dry eyes, while others improve the quality of tears. 

MiBo Thermoflo Treatment


MiBo Thermoflo is a therapeutic device that provides safe and effective treatment for dry eyes. The device delivers comfortable and consistent thermoelectric heat to the meibomian glands. The glands in the eyelids produce oil that is vital for healthy tears. 

The heat helps unclog the blocked glands, allowing oil to flow effortlessly from the eyelids. Oil in tears helps improve the tear film function by preventing fast evaporation. The treatment produces immediate, relaxing, and lasting benefits for dry eye patients. 

IPL Dry Eye Treatment

IPL, or intense pulsed light, is a revolutionary technology that helps treat the root cause of dry eye. The light-based technology is common in dermatology, where specialists use it to treat rosacea and other skin conditions. IPL can help treat meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eye condition. 

During the treatment, light pulses are administered, penetrating the skin under the eye, and targeting the cause of the inflammation. IPL liquefies and releases the hardened oils, clogging the meibomian glands. The procedure is gentle, safe, and effective. 

Treating the Underlying Cause

An underlying health condition may cause dry eye. Treating the issue can help reduce the symptoms. Some medications cause dry eyes. You can talk to your doctor about prescribing an alternative medicine. Individuals with ectropion, a condition where the eyelid is turned outwards, can get plastic surgery to correct the issue. 

MiBo and IPL treatments are safe and effective for treating dry eyes. The non-invasive therapies help relieve symptoms of the condition. 

To learn more about dry eye treatment with MiBo and IPL, visit Eye Associates of New York at our New York, New York office. Call (212) 650-4888 to schedule an appointment today.

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