How Often Should You Get a New Pair of Glasses?

April 8, 2022

People who wear eyeglasses often find it difficult to prioritize getting a new pair. Regardless of the reason, a change of glasses is crucial if you want to maintain eye health and clear vision. It is essential to understand how often you need to get a change of eyeglasses.


Benefits of Getting a New Pair of Glasses

Getting yourself a new pair of glasses will help you have better eyesight and a better physical and mental well-being. Perhaps you’re starting to experience eyestrain and headaches with your old prescriptions. Changing your eyeglasses may take care of both while minimizing your risk of infection or inflammation.

Below are the benefits of getting new eyeglasses:

  • Better visual acuity – Your optometrist will prescribe a pair of glasses to correct the extent of your refractive error. Doing so will help with your visual acuity
  • Better eye protection – Getting a new pair will protect your eyes from irritation. You will shield them against pollutants, dust, and foreign particles
  • They are comfortable and stable – Your optometrist will get you a pair that fits properly and makes you comfortable
  • Eyeglasses are cost-efficient – Contacts are expensive as they need constant changing. You can get your new prescription glass lens to fit your old eyeglass frames
  • They are a fashion accessory – You can change into new glasses that complement your face, suit your lifestyle, and are currently in fashion


Warning Signs You Need a New Pair of Glasses

Below are some of the signs that show you need a new set of prescription eyeglasses:

  • Headaches

  • Double vision when using your current glasses

  • Blurry vision

  • Style update

  • Damaged lens

  • Squinting

  • Seeing halos around light sources

  • Difficulty reading


Side Effects of Wearing Old Prescription Glasses


Most people wear their old prescriptions believing they are still functional for their eyesight. However, wearing eyeglasses that are no longer ideal for you negatively impacts your eyesight. You can begin getting warning signs such as double vision to tell you it is time for a prescription change.

Wearing outdated glasses gives you poor visual clarity. Things may appear blurry, or you may begin squinting to help you see better. If you feel relieved or relaxed after taking off your eyeglasses, you should get yourself new prescriptions. Do so to avoid discomfort, headaches, and eyestrain.


How Often Do You Need to Get a New Pair of Glasses?


Most people believe getting a new pair of glasses is a pointless expense, especially if they feel their current pair of glasses is still okay. But seeing through your current prescription glasses does not necessarily mean they are okay.

Optometrists advise changing to new glasses after one to three years. However, you may need a new pair between those years due to damage to the lens and other reasons. As people become older, their vision also ages.

Annual eye exams will help your optometrist at Eye Associates of New York check whether you have vision changes that call for a stronger prescription. It is essential to go for your regular eye checkups and confirm with your eye doctor whether this is so.


For more about getting a new pair of glasses, visit Eye Associates of New York at our office in Midtown East, New York. You can also call (212) 650-4888 to book an appointment today.

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