Top Early Warning Signs of Glaucoma

December 14, 2021

Glaucoma is an eye disease caused by a buildup of fluid inside the eye from a lack of drainage. This eye condition damages the optic nerve of the eye. Lack of early treatment can result in vision damage or total blindness.

Most glaucoma cases are asymptomatic. Your doctor can only detect it while conducting an eye examination. This condition is among the top causes of blindness in the United States since more than three million Americans suffer from it. Going for regular eye checkups is the best way to detect its top early signs.

Vision Loss in One Eye

If you develop a blind spot in your vision, you may need to go for a glaucoma test. Going for an eye checkup is ideal because glaucoma can cause a gradual loss of sight. If one of your eyes experiences blindness, consider the occurrence an emergency.

Rush to your doctor or the nearest emergency room for help. Once a glaucoma sign develops, you have a short window of time to mitigate complete vision loss.

Halos Around Lights Sources

Seeing bright circles around sources of light is an early sign of glaucoma. It is crucial to note that glaucoma has gradual symptoms. So if you experience this, it is ideal to see your doctor.

Seeing halos is a sign that you are developing a severe eye condition. Some patients see halos around lights because of cataracts. Side effects from LASIK or cataract surgery can also lead to such outcomes. But it is crucial to seek help from your doctor once you develop such signs.

Light Sensitivity

Increased eye pressure can increase your eye sensitivity to light. A waterlogged and cloudy cornea bounces light off it. You are likely to experience discomfort from fluorescent lights, sunlight, or incandescent lights.

Sudden and Severe Pain

Severe eye pain is the clearest sign that you have acute glaucoma. If you experienced this kind of pain, you need emergency treatment. Sudden and severe eye pain often causes nausea, vomiting, or eye redness. Such pain is usually unbearable.

Cloudy Looking Eyes

Your cornea remains clear because it has cells that pump watery fluid from it. Your eyes can look cloudy when pressure rises and pushes the liquid into the cornea, making it hazy. You can detect cloudy eyes by looking into a mirror. If you have hazy eyes, it is ideal to see your doctor for a checkup. Doing so will help you mitigate any glaucoma advancement.

Once your doctor has diagnosed glaucoma, you can prevent vision loss. Doing so will also slow down its progress. Continue going for regular eye examinations. Take treatments that reduce the pressure inside your eye. Prescription medication, eye drops, or laser surgeries are the options you will have.

Report any changes that may occur to your vision. Consult your doctor about lifestyle changes you need to make. Doing so will ensure your eyes are within a normal range. Glaucoma signs progress slowly. Once you lose vision, the damage is irreversible. Ensure your eye pressure is under control to prevent blindness. With proper and early treatment, you will not go blind because of glaucoma.

For more about the top early signs of glaucoma, visit Eye Associates of New York at our office in Midtown East, New York. You can also call (212) 650-4888 to book an appointment today.

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