Picking the Perfect Pair of Glasses

February 28, 2021

When shopping for eyeglasses, there are a zillion options from which to pick. Each pair may have an interesting feature that draws you to it. But, if you go by all these unique features, you may end up purchasing dozens of them.


The way to go about it is to find eyeglasses that go with your hair color, eye color, face shape, and personal style. This narrows your search to only a few pairs of eyeglasses. Important to consider also is your lifestyle. If you lead an active life, choose a pair that is hardy and can withstand much movement. Overall, your prescription determines the functionality of your eyeglasses. Have your prescription in mind when choosing your ideal pair.


With those factors in mind, here’s how to get the right fit:


Get the Right Frame Size


The frame of your eyeglasses is important. The better they fit, the more they flatter your face.


Approach your search for a frame as you would when purchasing a shoe. First, get to know your size. Your size is determined by the width of the bridge and lens and the glasses’ arm’s length. If you already have a pair, get the size numbers from the inner side of your glasses’ arm. If you don’t have a pair, let the optometrist take your measurements.


Consider the Shape of Your Face


Particular frame shapes are best suited for specific face shapes. For example, a round face goes well with bold squared-off edges. But, if you’re going for a bold look, choose round eyeglass frames. They will make you stand out.


If you have a square face, find a frame that juxtaposes the sharp edges of your face. For example, get round, oval, or browline glasses. For an even bolder statement, choose squared-off wingtip or angular cat eyes frames.


Persons with an oval face may look good in almost all styles. This face type is considered the “universal” face shape. They have a symmetry that makes all shapes look good. To make a statement, people with this face type should try the perfectly round metal frames.


For persons with a heart-shaped face, the frame should have a deep base. It should be wider than the wearer’s brows. As such, cat-eye frames make an excellent choice. For a bolder statement, opt for oval or rounded metal frames. They give a sort of classic look.


Choose the Best Frame Color


Most people opt for neutral-colored frames. The most common frames are brown, black, and tortoise. These colors match easily with any eye color, hair color, and skin tone. But, if you lean towards the adventurous frame color, you have plenty of options there too.


The Thickness of the Frame


Thick eyeglasses are chosen for when people want to make a statement with their glasses. The reason is that thick frames are not easy to miss. They are bold. Also, people with strong facial features such as a prominent chin or nose should go for thick frames. The frames de-emphasize these features.


Thin frames are also good. They blend into your face and draw attention to your eyes and other facial features. They are suitable for persons who want to draw attention to their eyes.


Overall, your choice of eyewear must be comfortable, flattering, and practical. Get yourself a pair of eyeglasses that suits your personality and style. For comprehensive eye exams and prescriptions, visit our optometrists at the Eye Associates of New York in Midtown East, New York, NY.


Find out how to get your perfect pair of glasses, contact Eye Associates of New York in Midtown East, New York, NY at (212) 650-4888.

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