Benefits of Orthokeratology

November 26, 2020


Orthokeratology is a revolutionary treatment whose popularity is growing. For the first time, persons with corneal irregularity and refractive errors can walk about wearing no glasses or contact lenses. The treatment involves wearing some specially designed rigid ortho-k lenses. The lenses gradually but safely reshape the cornea correcting myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.


You wear the ortho-k lenses at night and take them out in the morning. The eyes retain the new shape throughout the day, and you enjoy excellent vision. Come evening, you must wear the lenses again, in preparation for the next day.


The Benefits


1. Orthokeratology is a painless, non-invasive treatment.


2. Your vision improves more wearing ortho-K lenses than when wearing eyeglasses or soft contacts.


3. Having ortho-k lenses teaches responsibility, particularly among kids. Children as young as eight years old can learn to clean and care for the lenses. The attitude of responsibility transfers to other areas of the child’s life.


4. Wearing ortho-k lenses slow the progression of refractive errors. Prescription treatment options do nothing to change your eyes’ curvature. Over time, your condition worsens, and you have to adjust your prescription upwards. Ortho-K lenses reshape your cornea and keep your eyesight from deteriorating. But, they do not stop the deterioration; they only slow it.


5. Orthokeratology rules out the need to wear glasses or contact lenses all day. Activities like sports demand excellent vision but make it impossible to wear glasses or contact lenses when playing. Although contact lenses are not on the outward, they may shift unexpectedly, which may create vision problems. Wearing contacts during a game can be dangerous and slow you down. But, after wearing your ortho-k lenses all night, you do not need vision aids during the day.


6. The outcome of the treatment is not permanent, which is good. In case a new treatment comes up, you would still be eligible to take it up. There may emerge a treatment that could fix your refractive errors permanently. All you would do is stop wearing the ortho-k lenses, and your eyes will return to normal.


7. Orthokeratology is suitable for people living in hot, dry, and windy places. These conditions cause dry eyes, making it impossible to wear contact lenses. The tear film that is the adhesive between the cornea and the contact lenses dries out. The contacts detach from the cornea, and they may fall out. This can be quite inconvenient. Ortho-K lenses rule out the inconvenience.


8. Orthokeratology is well suited for most people. Children and adults with corneal abnormalities may take it up without much difficulty. Getting used to these lenses is also relatively easy.


9. Orthokeratology is the ideal treatment method for people who don’t like glasses and contact lenses. Some people do not like how they look in glasses. Others find eyewear cumbersome. For these people, orthokeratology is a welcome alternative.


10. Orthokeratology is cheaper than LASIK treatment and contact lenses in the long term. Note that orthokeratology itself is not an inexpensive treatment. But, its costs do not come close to that of LASIK treatment or buying contact lenses regularly. Contact lenses are not expensive. However, if you keep changing prescriptions or losing them, you may have to buy them more often. In the long term, ortho-K lenses are more cost-effective. LASIK treatment is undeniably expensive, although its effects are long-term.


No doubt that all these benefits increase the desirability of orthokeratology. Get started with your treatment at the Eye Associates of New York in Midtown East, New York. You can also call 212-650-4888 to book your appointment.

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